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Grant Proposal 2024

"Traditional Peace: Our Shared Frameworks" is a two-year initiative proposed by the AlSadiqin Institute. The initiative aims to synthesize classical frameworks for coexistence and collaboration between Muslim and Jewish communities in the Holy Land.

Project Goals

  • Formulating Frameworks of Coexistence: The project seeks to identify and articulate core principles for coexistence that are rooted in the scriptures and traditions of both Muslim and Jewish communities.
  • Published Guides: The project aims to produce two published volumes serving as guides for coexistence. One volume will be designed for an academic audience, while the other caters to the laity.
  • Collaboration among Faith Leaders: “Traditional Peace” fosters collaboration among faith leaders through a combination of in-person conferences and regular virtual meetings.

Project Activities

The project outlines a series of activities to achieve its goals, though specific details require verification:

  • International Conference in Jerusalem: The initiative will convene an international conference in Jerusalem, bringing together faith leaders for dialogue and collaboration.
  • Monthly Zoom Meetings: Following the initial conference, participants will engage in monthly Zoom meetings to maintain momentum and build upon the discussions.
  • Second Local Faith Leaders' Conference: A second conference will be held in Jerusalem specifically for local faith leaders, focusing on practical applications within the Holy Land.

Project Impact

Traditional Peace: Our Shared Frameworks” aims to cultivate connections across faith communities and establish an intellectual foundation for peaceful coexistence grounded in religious traditions. By fostering trust and cooperation, the project aspires to pave the way for a more inclusive and harmonious society.

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