Some results from my wife’s and other important people’s work, including her visit to Al Azhar in Cairo representing our organization Al Sadiqin.

Egypt’s Al Azhar has formally adopted the “Al Azhar Declaration of Islamic-Christian Mutual Co-existence” in Cairo, condemning the use of violence in the name of religion and calling on people of different faiths to live together in harmony and with mutual respect… “The joint will of a national state is based on citizenship, equality and rule of law,” he added. “(Not establishing this) will lead to the failure of these countries, and will undermine human development and progress.” Additionally, the Declaration vows that Al Azhar will continue working to establish relationships and lines of dialogue with representatives of other faiths and sects. “(We will) strengthen the bonds of cooperation between religious entities, in order to promote religious and moral education and the the principles of citizenship,” Al Tayeb said. “This will create a better life for forthcoming generations.”