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Turning deserts green as a response to climate change.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:57 pm    Post subject: Turning deserts green as a response to climate change. Reply with quote

Did you know that a one meter rise in ocean levels could put over one hundred million people out their homes in the one nation of Bangladesh?

After teaching English in Ecuador for over a year I returned to Canada determined to become more socially active. I ran for public office as an independent three times. I became interested in the issue of climate change in 2007 and I am convinced that one of the most logical responses to this problem is to invest heavily in turning deserts green. If this type of response is adopted Moslems, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and skeptics will have something a huge issue to act as common ground.

Here is a quotation from my 2008 campaign writing:


Satellite pictures show rapid melting of Arctic ice but only about ten percent is above water level. Ice occupies more space than liquid water so until now we have experienced rather little ocean level rise. Our situation will be entirely different if and when melting occurs in the massive ice pack on Greenland and Antarctica that sit on land.

I am in agreement with environmentalist and economist Bjorn Lomborg that a carbon shift policy will probably be ineffective over the short term in combating global temperature increases or in preventing a destructive rise in world ocean levels.

"Bjorn Lomborg argues that many of the elaborate and expensive actions now being considered to stop global warming will cost hundreds of billions of dollars, are often based on emotional rather than strictly scientific assumptions, and may very well have little impact on the world's temperature for hundreds of years." (

Two effective methods to combat global warming and simultaneously fight rising ocean levels have been proposed by New Mexico biologist Carl Cantrell.

"So how is our problem of continental drying causing global warming? It all has to do with vegetation and sunlight. When sun light hits a plant, it causes a process which we call photosynthesis where the energy from the sun light creates oxygen for us to breathe, water for us to drink, and is stored as sugar for plants and animals to use. When the same sun light hits the soil, all of its energy turns into heat and is radiated back into the atmosphere.. ."

"Therefore, the less vegetation you have on the planet, the more sunlight is being turned into heat and the warmer the planet becomes...."

"Just take a look at any satellite picture of the earth showing heat and you will see that our deserts are the warmest spots on the planet by far. More heat is being generated by just one of the top four or five deserts than by all of our cities combined.... "

"The truth is that you can do more to decrease global warming by just reducing the average temperature for the Sahara Desert by one or two degrees than if we humans completely quit using fossil fuels and returned to the cave."

"So, how would you start working to resolve this problem? Easy, cool the deserts and get some vegetation growing on them as soon as possible. But the method is much more complex than that. You have to use the prevailing trade winds in relation to the deserts to get the best results as quickly as possible and it will be extremely expensive."

"Then we build desalination plants along the coast near these water sheds and pipe water to the tops or ridges of the water sheds"

"We need to start working on this as soon as possible because, if the planet reaches a point to where it is warming faster than our technology can possibly stop or reverse this warming trend, then our planet is lost and all life will cease to exist on this planet within a relatively short period of time. We will need to start with the largest and hottest deserts because cooling them will have the greatest benefit in the least time (Global Warming II by biologist Carl Cantrell)."
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