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  1. Abdullah ibn Saba
  2. Absorption of Islamic Christians under Mu’awiyah
  3. After-effects of the Failed Attempts at Jewish Independence
  4. Alazeena Haadu and Aliahudi
  5. Appendix A: Joseph Schwartz quote on Shallum ben Hushiel (Salmaan Farsi)
  6. Appendix I. Gates of Prayer
  7. Appendix II. Linguistic Derivations
  8. Appendix III. Islamic and Rabbinic Prayer
  9. Appendix V. Islamic and Rabbinic Prayer Times
  10. Appendix VI. Correspondence between Islamic and Rabbinic Prayer
  11. Belisarius' encounter with the Hajj, eighty years before the rise of Islam, 541 CE
  12. Bending at the Waist until the Knees (בריכה) Hebrew breikhah, Arabic ruku
  13. Bibliography
  14. Caliph 'Umar, Started the Muslim Calendar, 639 CE
  15. Changing of the Qiblah
  16. Christian followers antagonistic to Jewish followers of the Prophet
  17. Commutation of a sacred for a secular month
  18. Concluding Remarks
  19. Conclusion
  20. Conquest and Disaster at Jerusalem
  21. Conquest and Victory at Jerusalem
  22. Correspondence between Islamic Calendar and its Jewish Counterpart
  23. Death of the Prophet, Abu Bakr's Appointment, and Shallum's Rebellion
  24. Declaration of Cyrus 538BCE
  25. Declaration of Jewish Independence, first in Persia then Arabia
  26. Exilarch
  27. Fading into Mysticism, the last Messiahs
  28. Feet touching (רגל אחת)
  29. Folding hands in prayer
  30. Formal Public Prayer: The Shemonah Esrei
  31. From the Hasmonean Priest-Monarchs to Herod's Judeo-Arab Kingdom
  32. Full Prostration (השתחויה) Hebrew Hishtakhaweh, Arabic Sajda
  33. Giving Shalom and three steps back (עשה שלום) Hebrew Oseh Shalom, Arabic Salaamu 'alaikum
  34. Halachic Rulings and Modern Practice
  35. Hanputa
  36. Heman ben Shallum (Abdullah Ibn Saba)
  37. Historiography of early Islam
  38. Hussein's attempt to recreate the Prophet's entry into Medinah
  39. Intercalation, adding an extra month
  40. Intercalation and Commutation prohibited by the Qur’an, 631 CE
  41. Islam and Judaism: the early years
  42. Islamic Terms borrowed from Judaism
  43. Jerusalem and the Temple, attempts at restoration
  44. Jewish Teachings in the Qur'an
  45. Jewish roots
  46. Khalif 'Ali' Attempts to bring back "authentic" Islam
  47. Khalif 'Umar's Selection of Rabbinic Judaism as "true" Judaism
  48. Kneeling (כריעה) Hebrew Kri`ah, Arabic Qu’ud sitting
  49. My Support
  50. Nehemiah ben Hushiel and The Jewish Crusade

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